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Heath Claxton Music

Heath Claxton, An American Song Writer/ Singer, who has a Heart and a Passion for Those Who Served This Great Nation & Those Who Gave Their Life for Their Country.


In our surrounding counties there are many war veterans that have
many stories to tell that need to be heard. William Smith of Sandersville is one of those war heroes that has always had a strong passion for music, and plenty of those stories. William was a member on the 27 th infantry of the Wolf Gang pack that was on the front lines of Vietnam Circa from 1968-1974. William documented many of his experiences through poems. Last year William and Heath Claxton from Wrightsville, Ga. were introduced and connected with the passion for music they both share. In their conversation many stories and poems were discussed, one in particular “Fallen Comrades.” Heath was so impacted by the stories of Williams had written down he began to transfer these life events to music. Heath has always been very passionate about music long as I, and anyone else has known him. He has been with different bands over the years and is lead singer now for The Soul Shine Band. When I asked Heath about what influenced him to put this song together? He said, “After hearing the things that William went through, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.” The song has been recorded and a Single is planned to be released to the public soon. The combination of true personal events that a Vietnam War Veteran, who has been decorated with many awards that include, the Bronze Star of Heroism. The song portrays the events that William went through on the battle fields, his words being expressed through Heath in the song. Heath and William would like to dedicate this song to all War Veterans that was on those battle fields feeling emotions that only Veterans would completely understand. The song has been titled “Gave It All” and captures the sacrifices that our Veterans take when serving for our