Heath Claxton’s Bio

Making music is nothing new for Johnson County resident Heath Claxton. He has been playing and performing in some form or fashion since he was toddler. His love for music began to form when he was
around four years old and was encouraged by his mother, Annette, to play the piano and sing. His passion for music has never ceased and continues to grow every day.  Heath has been in several bands over the years and has performed in hundreds of venues. His talent is evident to anyone who has the pleasure of hearing him and it has allowed him to do things he never dreamed possible. He has a part of shows conducted by many famous singers and songwriters, including David Allen Coe, Blackhawk, Luke Bryan, Wade Hayes, Ronnie McDowell, Paul Brant, Daryl Singletary, Mark Wills, and the Marshall Tucker Band. In the mid-1990s, he was Lead Singer for The Southern Touch Band and he and his band members made quite a name for themselves. They composed a CD that was recorded at Capricorn Studios in Macon and then went to Nashville, Tennessee to try and make their mark in the music industry. Things didn’t quite work out as planned but they shared some experiences and opportunities that will also be remembered.  Heath never stopped his journey with music. Since that time, he has been a part of several different bands. Currently, he is with The Soul Shine Band who has become a popular group with performances all over the state. He says The Soul Shine Band takes pride in the set list that is composed of many genres of music and offers an entertaining and energetic performance. Over the years, Heath has written many songs but a newfound friendship has sparked the development of his latest work. After meeting Sandersville native William Smith last year, the two really hit it off and a friendship was quickly formed. A Vietnam Veteran who served in the 25th Infantry Division 2/27 Wolfhounds from 1968-69, William also has a strong passion of music. Something else the war hero has is plenty of stories and a knack for documenting his experiences through poetry. One of Smith’s poems in particular, Fallen Comrades, really touched Heath. So much so that he began transferring William’s stories to music.  “After hearing all the things that William went through over there, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it,” said Heath. He spent a year and a half pouring his all into the writing of a song he has named “Gave It All”. The song portrays events that William went through on the battlefield. His words being expressed through Heath capture the essence of the sacrifice all Veterans take when serving our country. Heath and William have dedicated the song “to all War Veterans that were on those battlefields, feeling emotions that only Veterans would completely understand”.  Heath is proud to announce that Gave It All is scheduled to be released this week on all social media platforms. CDs are currently being printed and a video is also in the making. He says it will be followed with other original singles and eventually a full CD will be composed.